Donate Tickets

More Than a Ticket!

Here at Kids Up Front, we strive to deliver more than just a ticket to deserving kids, but we need you to help us get the tickets!

Our partnerships with child-serving agencies around our community give us access to thousands of deserving kids who get to enjoy your donations!

When you donate your unused tickets, you are giving deserving children around the Toronto area the chance to experience their first concert, see their sports heroes live, or spend a day learning at a cultural event. Not only do these kids gets to experience a day they will never forget but they also get to feel like they are a part of something bigger, and be involved in their community!

How to Donate

Call us at 416.479.6971 or email us at [email protected] if you are interested in donating tickets.

If you have hard copy tickets you would like to donate, we ask that donors mail, drop-off, or courier the tickets to our office at:

Kids Up Front Foundation Toronto
Corus Quay
25 Dockside Drive
Toronto, ON M5A 0B5

You can also e-transfer your electronic tickets through your Ticketmaster, or any other e-transfer hosting to [email protected]

Please let us know what kind of tickets you would like to donate – as well as how many and what they are for – along with your contact information and we will get them into the hands of deserving children!

Due to safety concerns, we accept a pair of tickets minimum – no single tickets. Contact our office for more information.

When to Donate

Kids Up Front appreciates as much notice as possible when it comes to receiving donated tickets, but we understand that circumstances change! If you have any inquiries or questions about whether your tickets can be donated, contact our office.

For same day tickets, please contact our office. Otherwise, we appreciate receiving tickets 48 hours before the event. This allows us enough time to find a suitable recipient and get the tickets into their hands.

We are closed on weekends, therefore it is important that we receive any tickets for weekend events by the afternoon of the Friday before the event.

Tax Receipts

If your tickets are a personal or corporate donations, you qualify for a charitable tax receipt. The amount returned on the tax receipt will be for the base price of the tickets (HST and convenience fees are not included in that value and will not be reflected on your tax receipt), as long as you are able to provide an invoice or receipt with a breakdown of all of the costs.

If you do not have an invoice or receipt for your tickets, we encourage you to contact the organization that you purchased your tickets from as we are unable to provide a tax receipt without this documentation.

Misuse of Tickets

Kids Up Front does not tolerate ticket scalping. It is against our policies for tickets to be resold for profit by the agent or the recipient. Tickets are never given to volunteers, staff, friends or neighbors, unless directed by the donor.